Die Cutting & Packaging

With our inline die cutter, folder, and gluer, we can produce a variety of products in-house:

All Styles of Pocket Folders • Courier Envelopes with Double Sided Tape • Magnets Tipped Into Mailers
Belt Sleeves • Paperboard Boxes • Two-Sided Tape Products • Room Key Holders
Custom Shape Door Hangers • and much more!

Advance Envelope Converting Samples


If time is critical for you, we are here to help! Our process includes digital, sheetfed or web printed sheets going straight to the die cutter. With inline finishing, the press sheet turns into a pocket folder, mailer, or anything else in one pass on one machine!

Die Cutting & Packaging
Die Cutting & Packaging


Our die cutting process is KNICKLESS so your beautifully designed pieces will have a smooth cut all around the finished piece. Paper waste is stripped away and sent to recycling while the piece is advanced into the finishing unit.


Have an order of 50,000 or 500,000 pieces? This is no problem with fast run speeds and multiple shifts to get it done. Just give our team a call!

Die Cutting & Packaging
Die Cutting & Packaging

With automation in mind, our goal is to finish everything inline, with one pass. Whether it is gluing a die cut mailer shut or tipping in a magnet, business card or 3D sunglasses, we aim to have everything ready for mailing when it comes off the machine.

Call or email our team at Sun to see what we can design, print, die cut, and package for you!
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